I wanted to thank you for your leadership throughout the program. I can’t say enough good things about CASPN. And after speaking with several students from other programs I also realized how lucky CASPN students are. We have top notch clinical & classroom instructors! I also believe from discussing their NCLEX prep and results that ATI is the best program to utilize. I used nothing but ATI. I started board vitals 3rd quarter and had completed all practice questions before graduating so I didn’t study before the NCLEX. On the actual test I had mostly med surge and pharm. 1 nutrition question. 1 mother baby question which was pharm related. Only mental health questions were pharm related also. 6 drag and drops r/t skills. Priority questions that had no obvious answers at all. A few lab questions where lab values were obviously off. And I was surprised at the amount of pharm, especially since it was one of my strongest subjects.I am currently training as a nurse at an ITC facility that I’ve been at PRN throughout school. I signed an offer from Lincoln Correctional Facility (Wexford) yesterday. I am extremely excited about the mental health aspects of this job. And very much looking forward to the personal days offered as God willing I am traveling to Haiti in 2020 with Dr Kottemann. I will be taking my nursing skills out of the country to educate people on basic nursing skills where they don’t have access to healthcare as we do here. I feel like getting into CASPN and being able to academically excel was such a blessing, and I am determined to give back before I continue my education. Again, thank you. And I’ll keep you updated on whether I use my skills on a mission, as I would love for future CASPN students to know what possibilities lay ahead.
Alexis Williamson

I am proud be an alumni. These instructors and teachers really push you to succeed. I will never forget what they have taught me and it has made me a better nurse. If this is the field that you want to go in then, CASPN is the place for you to start!!

It’s not an easy program and it shouldn’t be. You are handling peoples lives. I am proud to be an alumni. I graduated at 19 with my LPN. Now I am 22, and I have my dream job lined up as a surgical nurse at Memorial as a new RN grad!! Getting your LPN first gives you a huge leap into the nursing world and some of my instructors at my bridge program were impressed with how much I already knew!!
– Alexandra

I am currently moving forward to get my RN and I will never forget the love and compassion that was showed to me by the CASPN teachers and staff. They really do care and want your success as much as you do! This program truly made a great foundation to start my future on and I am forever grateful for that.
– Rachael

CASPN gave me the tools and education that I needed to become a wonderful nurse. It also helped prepare me to continue my education. I look forward to my nursing career and maybe becoming a teacher in the future. The staff there are awesome! Thank you ladies and gentlemen for helping me reach my goals.
– Francine Maxwell

CASPN is a Fantastic place to learn how to be the best nurse you can be!
the staff, faculty, and administration are awesome and want you to
succeed! as an 18 year old student, working as a CNA, and a Firefighter,
it was rough at times, but my classmates and the staff helped me
survive. you will come in as strangers but you will leave as friends.
Class 119 is a class i will NEVER forget being apart of! I am happy to
say that i am CASPN Alumni and an LPN thanks to all the wonderful people
at the Capital Area School of Practical Nursing!
– Christian Patterson

CASPN is an excellent school with top notch instructors who care and want to see you succeed.
– Grace 

CASPN is a very fast paced program, but you learn the skills and knowledge necessary to become a successful LPN. The instructors at CASPN really care about their students and are some of the best I’ve had, CASPN really helps prepare you to take the NCLEX also, I passed on my first attempt!
– Kelsea

CASPN is a great school! I would recommend any aspiring nurse to attend this school. With great determination you will be greatly prepared for your future as a nurse!

– Misan

CASPN is a very grueling 9 month program but worth it. The instructors both in clinical and classroom are the best you will come across. I appreciate their ability to provided 1 to 1 assistance even with larger classes. They have taught me everything that I needed to know and was well prepared to enter and to continue to grow in my profession.
– August

My life was becoming completely overwhelming. I have 10 children; everything was happening so fast and I felt as if i was being pushed over the edge. I went in to talk drop out of the nursing program and the Coordinator, Gina told me that “quitting was NOT an option.” She then contacted my WIA sponsor, Diane, who got me the support that I needed which was day care services. I talked to my Pastor; he told me “ a heart of a champion is not how many times you get knocked down, but how many times you get back up” I will forever be grateful for the support that I received that day and while at CASPN. Follow your dreams and don’t quit.
– Constance

I had a great experience at CASPN.
– Holly

After a two year waiting list and an unsuccessful ending, I came to CASPN. I was accepted into the accelerated LPN program and ended up graduating at the small time as the two- program that I had originally applied for. Looking back now, I wish I had went to CASPN first, I would have had been two years into a career by now. By the way, I passed the NCLEX on the first try. Thanks to everyone for your help and support.
– Jessica

I first heard of CASPN through a friend. Initially, school was difficult because everything was so new to me and there was a small language barrier. Because of the encouragement from the staff and faculty, things eventually became easier. I have learned to never give up, be determined, and to follow your dreams. The instructors at CASPN were supportive in helping me to achieve my dreams by always being there.
– Irene

The clinical instructors are wonderful-TOP notch!
– Anonymous

What I like about CASPN is that it only took 9 months. It was intense; but fully worthwhile.
– Brittany

After graduation, I was surprised how easy it was to find employment.
– Anonymous

I graduated 06/15 and begun my BSN bridge program 06/19.
– Jennifer

CASPN’s Coordinator is great and has empathy for the students. I loved all the clinical instructors because I learned so much from each one of them. I passed NCLEX easily and am proud of all my hard work.
– Brenda

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