The Springfield School of Practical Nursing was organized in December of 1957, under the “Requirements and Recommendations for Accredited Schools of Practical Nursing in Illinois” set by the Illinois Department of Registration and Education. “Practical Nurse Education in Illinois Public Schools” published by the Board of Vocational Education, State of Illinois, was also used as a guide in establishing the program. The first class was admitted on March 10, 1958.

The program was sponsored by the Springfield Public School District #186, Board of Education, and the State Department of Vocational Education, and was established at the request of, and in cooperation with, St. John’s Hospital and Memorial Hospital of Springfield. Division Nine of the Licensed Practical Nurse Association of Illinois (LPNAI) gave loyal support to the organization of the program.

On July 1, 1977, the Nursing Program was moved to the Capital Area Vocational Center (now known as the Capital Area Career Center) and the name was changed to Capital Area School of Practical Nursing.