Does CASPN accept transfer credits?
No.  All students are required to take all classes in our program to graduate. No transfer credits of any kind are accepted.   

Caspn’s program is Is there room enough for me?
Enrollment is on a first-come, first-serve basis after all requirements are met. Only sixty-five (65) students are accepted into each program.

Is financial aid available?
The Capital Area School of Practical Nursing participates in several federal, state, and local programs that offer financial assistance. Contact the Financial Aid Office for more information.

Is there housing and transportation available?
There is no provision for housing or transportation.

Do you provide health insurance?
Students are responsible for maintaining personal health insurance. The school assumes no responsibility for illness or injury and has no liability for related expenses.

Can I work while I am in school?
Full-time employment is discouraged, because of the intensity of the program. Part-time employment of no more than 16-20 hours per week is advisable.

What is your class attendance policy?
Attending class and clinical experience is a responsibility and necessity for evaluation. A student will be dismissed from the Nursing Program for exceeding the number of absences allowed.

What grades will keep me in good academic standing?
Students must achieve a minimum of a “C” in each course and a Satisfactory “S” on each clinical evaluation, or they will be dismissed from the nursing program.

What tuition policies specifically are related to veterans and military service members?
Veterans and military service members are charged the same tuition rate as all students. CASPN does not have an out-of-state tuition rate.  The link below provides more information regarding benefits and opportunities available through the Department of Veterans Affairs. The ultimate approval of a student’s ability to use a particular benefit is determined by the respective government agency offering the benefit.

As a military service member or veteran, what resources are available to assist me in searching for a job? 
As military service members or veterans, there are many additional resources that are available to assist you in your job search:

Veterans Employment Center: //

The following resources are available for students with disabilities:

Please see below the current campus crime statistics for Capital Area School of Practical Nursing

Campus Crime Statistics 1/1/2020- 12/31/2020