In order to keep our community of students, staff and faculty safe in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, CASPN began remote learning on Monday afternoon 3/16/2020. Students were issued chrome books with chargers and given directions by their instructors on how assignments and tests would be communicated.  All students and instructors have Google email and utilize Moodle for assignments, power points, study guides, tests, test reviews and grades. Clinical instructors are utilizing Google Classroom for submitting assignments.

CASPN is a clock hour program so attendance is very important. The admission specialist took on the roll of monitoring attendance for all courses. Students  check in for each course. Failure to check in during course hours results in an absence for that course. The attendance policy has not changed and is being enforced.

Instructors use a variety of learning modalities including recorded Loom lectures, posting YouTube videos, assigning ATI tutorials, videos, textbook chapter readings, discussion boards and adaptive quizzing assignments that align with their chapters in the textbooks. Tests are scheduled and opened allowing 1 minute per question then closed. Students are given immediate feedback and rationale for answers to the test questions, either through question/answers or the test review. Grades are for tests and all assignments are posted on Moodle for student access. Instructors are easily accessible via email for student needs.

Clinicals are conducted by our clinical instructors. Students are divided into groups of 8 and assigned an instructor. The clinical coordinator has assignments using ATI products including Health Assess, Communicator and Real Life Scenarios. Each instructor is using Google Hangout Meets to bring the group together to discuss the assignments at pre-set times each clinical day. ATI Remediation on proctored exams is also covered in the clinical setting, so instructors are including these discussions in their daily ‘Meet’ conferences.

All faculty, staff and students have adapted well and are committed to succeeding despite the many challenges with wifi, homeschooling their children, lack of childcare, increased demands of employers and overall stress with current news. We are blessed to report no one has tested positive to COVID-19 and no one has dropped or failed a course.