CASPN is an excellent school with top notch instructors who care and want to see you succeed.


CASPN is a very fast paced program, but you learn the skills and knowledge necessary to become a successful LPN. The instructors at CASPN really care about their students and are some of the best I've had, CASPN really helps prepare you to take the NCLEX also, I passed on my first attempt!

CASPN is a great school! I would recommend any aspiring nurse to attend this school. With great determination you will be greatly prepared for your future as a nurse!


CASPN is a very grueling 9 month program but worth it. The instructors both in clinical and classroom are the best you will come across. I appreciate their ability to provided 1 to 1 assistance even with larger classes. They have taught me everything that I needed to know and was well prepared to enter and to continue to grow in my profession.

My life was becoming completely overwhelming. I have 10 children; everything was happening so fast and I felt as if i was being pushed over the edge. I went in to talk drop out of the nursing program and the Coordinator, Gina told me that “quitting was NOT an option.” She then contacted my WIA sponsor, Diane, who got me the support that I needed which was day care services. I talked to my Pastor; he told me “ a heart of a champion is not how many times you get knocked down, but how many times you get back up” I will forever be grateful for the support that I received that day and while at CASPN. Follow your dreams and don’t quit.

I had a great experience at CASPN.

After a two year waiting list and an unsuccessful ending, I came to CASPN. I was accepted into the accelerated LPN program and ended up graduating at the small time as the two- program that I had originally applied for. Looking back now, I wish I had went to CASPN first, I would have had been two years into a career by now. By the way, I passed the NCLEX on the first try. Thanks to everyone for your help and support.

I first heard of CASPN through a friend. Initially, school was difficult because everything was so new to me and there was a small language barrier. Because of the encouragement from the staff and faculty, things eventually became easier. I have learned to never give up, be determined, and to follow your dreams. The instructors at CASPN were supportive in helping me to achieve my dreams by always being there.

The clinical instructors are wonderful-TOP notch!

What I like about CASPN is that it only took 9 months. It was intense; but fully worthwhile.

After graduation, I was surprised how easy it was to find employment.

I graduated 06/15 and begun my BSN bridge program 06/19.

CASPN’s Coordinator is great and has empathy for the students. I loved all the clinical instructors because I learned so much from each one of them. I passed NCLEX easily and am proud of all my hard work.